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Bob this morning. I don’t understand why he gets so edgy about Jake Purifoy. Sure Jake was nice, and he deserved a good life and good things to happen to him after such a hard life already. But why would it bother Bob so much?

I turned the candles on the high shelf so their labels faced out, thinking hard about this situation, dusting off the age on the ones in the back, wondering if there was a spell to make Bob at ease about Jake.

And I got an idea.


This ring once belonged to a Shaman, whose tribe has been practicing magic for centuries deep in the Brazilian Amazonian jungles. The dual serpents enfolding the Amber stone are symbolic of the Encantado Djinn, an extremely powerful shape-shifting fire genie who ironically rules over an…

The man just can’t stay out of trouble can he? Well, at least I know the wedding won’t fail. *silver lining*

~dreams, @JakePurifoy_BT, night one~

As I watched helplessly, the evil one kicked him into the ground. Tine was fighting with all she had to get to him, but it wasn’t enough.

The scene changed, as did his face, I saw him settle into this new body, the Jake Purifoy I knew, and he slowly became himself again, with the help of his Tine.

The pits became his past, and I wondered about that. I saw a few positive things, and I wondered about that girl, the first one. He had obviously loved her, why did she leave. Did she know the line of events she set into motion when she left? Surely not.

I watched as terrible things happened to Jake, it seemed it wanted me to see those, yet I was the one that asked for this knowledge, wasn’t I?

The most heartbreaking of all, seeing him bitten. Watching the look on his defeated face as the vampire drained him of his life. I was prisoner to my own dream, and my own selfish need for knowledge. That poor kid.

I was going to make it a point to be a friendly and kind to Jake Purifoy. God knows he’s been through more than one lifetime of heartbreak, and maybe I could just be a friend to him. Without upsetting Bob.

And I was definitely going to be kind to Tine. She was a light in a very long, dark tunnel.


Oh, HBO, oh, Alan…how do I count the ways?

REALLY?! It’s not enoguh you TANKED Charlaine’s ending to Club Dead, but you have to totally fuck the rest of the book series? KING BILL? I was so hoping that was a dream of Sookie’s.

But, I will say, today you are rewarded for sitting through 54…


Vows ~ @BobJessupBT

I sat down while Bob took a nap, a welcome absence from his attention. I loved spending time with Bob but today…I needed to write my vows.

I thought of all the differences between us, really our differences from other couples. How did you wrap that up into just a few short sentences? I couldn’t. So I wrote them out, long and winded.

I peeked back in our room to look at Bob, so peaceful, so cute and handsome at the same time. I wanted to crawl in with him but I just watched him sleep. He meant so much to me, I wish I could tell him. But I wasn’t that great with words, and anyway sometimes he was pessimistic and probably would just shrug off the pouring out of my heart. Which made my vows so much more important.

I sat back down at the table and focused, taking the traditional vows and stirring them up a bit, hoping my spin is good enough. I sat in the living room and watched TV, letting my husband sleep. A smiled and thought about possible ways to wake him up.

I like this picture, even though I look bad, @BobJessupBT looks cute

I like this picture, even though I look bad, @BobJessupBT looks cute